In Stuidio before shipping to Newbury Fine Arts, Boston 2022

Lost in Temptation 01 (from Vermeer-1660) Oil on canvas with found wood. 16 x 23 inch

High on Rebellion 1 (from Fantin Latour-19th. c.) Oil on canvas 20 x 16 inch

An Unruly History 07 (Vermeer-1663) Oil on canvas and found wood 12.25 x 19 inches

Under the Street Flowers Grow (J. van Huysum-1720) Oil on canvas 24 x 37.5 inches

Fantin Latour surrounded by Action Yellow. o:c 40 x 36 inches.jpg

Fantin Latour with Action Yellow.  Oil on canvas and panel. 40 x 36″


An Unruly History 04 (from Chardin-1763)  Oil on canvas and found wood. 26.5 x 19.25″


An Unruly History 03 (from Jan van Huysum–1722)  Oil on canvas and found wood. 16.75 x 35″


An Unruly History 01 (from F. Latour-1869) Oil on canvas and found wood  21.25 x 33″  

unnamed-2 copy

High on Rebellion (Monet-1869)  Oil on canvas  45.25 x 33 ”   

Vermeer Encircled (oil on canvas) 24x20 inch

Vermeer Encircled  Oil on canvas    24 x 20″   


Ingres with Action Red   Oil on canvas   19.25 x 37″     


Excavation 0216 (from F. Latour-1869) Oil on Canvas   35 x 30 ” 

High on Rebellion (J. van Huysum-1724) o:c 40 x 30inch TM 2017

High on Rebellion #2 (J. van Huysum-1724)  Oil on canvas     40 x 30″    

Untitled 01 (Bosschaert-1620) oil on canvas 20 x 40 inch jpg

Untitled 01 (Bosschaert-1620)  Oil on canvas   20 x 40″    


Excavation (from E Vanden Broeck-17th. c.) Oil on canvas 20 x 40″

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